why myspace sucks

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so my friend told me about this thing that one of his colleagues at work wrote up...he works int he IT depart me for a school district...it was written for middle schoolers so yes i know looks kinda like that so here it is...

I can see that my arrival onto this discussion is long overdue. I is time for
you to here the truth from one who was on the internet while you were playing
with the toddler toys in your happy meals.Web 2.0 is a stunning achievement for a technology as young as the internet.
It allows amazing advances in communication and social networking. Many
websites allow the thoughtful discussion of current
news topics, getting help for school work, and evaluating the latest trends in
art and pop culture. Myspace had potential to be one of these websites, but at
some point it was taken over by middle school aged
children who seem to have nothing more important to think about than how many
pretend "friends" they have and how "sexy" they can make their 12 year old
body look in a photo.

Look at me from up above, notice how my arm can stretch.

What this really means is that I don't have enough real life friends to take
my picture.

Myspace has now become synonymus with pedophiles and sexual predators. It has
become a digital Chucky Cheese were the creepy guy who supposedly only comes
in for the pizza stares at the children
who's parents are compleatly ignorant of the fact that the bald man across the
room is mentally undressing their children. Many of you may not know that
you're not even allowed on Myspace. According to
Myspace's terms and conditions you mst be at least 14 to enroll.

Pedophile Search Engine: Powered by Myspace

Myspace is also a technological nightmare. It's a place were children go and
mindlessly copy and paste html code that they know nothing about. They end up
with a color scheme that would cause a blind man to vomit in his mouth, and a
page that takes 40 hours to load over fiber. I was just trying to get some
screenshots for illustration and my browser crashed!

Myspace Broke the Internet!!
Yes Pink text on pink polkadots on a brown background. BEAUTIFUL!!!
The final reason Myspace should be permanently obliterated off the face of the
planet is because it is utterly useless. Sure, you might have a friend
someware that is on Myspace and you want to know what is going on with them,
but you won't find out. I have several friends on Myspace, but i was never
able to find them because I had to go through a hundred thousand pictures of
girl's cleavage when I searched for their name.