wow its been a long word...Twitter

Monday, April 20, 2009

wow its been a super long time since ive posted anything here....but ive just been to busy...

what have i been up to recently?

trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life

if you dont know what twitter is you are dumb thats all there is to it...i dont want to make it sound better you are just dumb

its been on CNN and Oprah for christ sake lol  anyways thats all for now follow me on twitter or something


hmm weekend

Saturday, November 15, 2008

sooo the past couple of days i have been killing myself to get all my homework done for the week for my physics and buisness ethics class.

ive been doing it with my spare time at work well ive been in an accadent and cant afford a new car so i have a shitty one with a red hood now (my cars silver) amazingly it still runs great.

im acctaly really pissed at work thogh cus we got this new guy(jerry) and like for some reason hes stealing all my hours, like as the weeks go on he keeps getting more and i keep getting less. like i was heird months ago to be full time, and we was just recently heired to be part time. but now hes got 38 hours and ive only got 30 WTF and just a couple weeks ago i had 42, and theres absolutly no reason why the schedual should have changed. its getting on my nervs.

sorry about not posting

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It has been a long time since I have been on anything lately I have been really busy working and such (im working at a gas station...woo meeee)

anyways im working going to davenport university now (transferd from lake superior state university) and im just kinda plucking away at my life

soo change as to what this blogs going to be about now.. I know most of you out there probly dont give a shit about little old me cus im just a normal person but whatever this is just ganna be more me to relase some steam i guess.

you dont have to read it you probly wont care about most of it but hey if you want to thats cool too. Im going to start putting up stuff like my opinions i guess and stuff like that and still try and talk about stuff that i care about (linux, computers, gaming and whatever) soo if you wanna read it thats fine if you want to comment thats fine too. Ill try and get on here once a day if i can from now on put some kind of update up.

thanks for reading.