Hall Defender beta OUT NOW!!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

ok so haha this isnt really a sweet game but its got a game now...yes thats right

the name is "Hall Defender" youll figure out why when you play the game...now i have a windows installer for it here dont worrie its clean haha....
next i do have the source for it for linux but im not putting it out on the net for some reasons..mainly i doubt my cs professor would like me giving out code for a game for a class assingment especialy while the assingment is ging on so if you SUPER want it email me or message me or something... yeah so yes do it its kinda fun...oh and make sure you maximize your terminal oh and the subtitle is kinda smooshed in widnows because windows will only allow a command window be so big wide which it needs to be a bit wider but whatever check it out PLEASE