the new sale of debian etch

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so yes today i was in one of my cs classes and our prof. decided to do one of the oldest things ever for us to custom build a machine..not acctualy build it but to scout the parts and such... he gave us a list of specs that we could use and also alowed us with a $3000 spending limit for our machine

while we were going over the specs for the assingment our prof. told u that the person who wold be using this machine would be running a copy of debian etch with a 2.6 kernel (after 11 because of usb support problems he had to mention).

after this one of my classmates decided to speak up....he said "Our we to assume that Dr. Z[the person we are building the machine for] has a copy of debian etch or are we to buy him a copy?"......

at this point in time i am laughing my ass off because it was the most funny thing i had ever we are in a cs class with a pile of geeks all in one room and this kid doesnt know that linux is free....its like WTF. we will look past the point that its free for a second, because im pretty sure this kid had never acctualy herd of linux before at all let alone use it or know that its free...but HES a CS major or at least a CN major like myself why in the world would he not know this

ok thats it for now but yes i thought it was very funny so i desiced to tell you few people who acctualy read my blog