your own webspace on my server

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ok. So this is a kinda lame feature, but I said what the hell and decided to make it so that users on my server can have their own webspace.

If you want to take advantage of this contact me. I will creat a user account for you with a password. Then I will email you back and probly sugest you to change your password because it will probly be lame and easy to break.

After that everything is pretty much up to you. You can ssh into my server and just use one of the many (few) text editors that I have installed on the system (vim and nano). Or you can write the entire page on your own machine and upload it with your own or my web based ftp client that is located on my site. There are two requirements. 

1. There has to be an Index.(html,php) file.

2. Every file you use must be under the public_html folder.

To access your webspace you should type in the following into the address bar of your favoret browser.

be sure to replace with your username otherwise you will not get to your webspace.

Thanks a lot and Im hoping for replys to this post.