switch from fluxbox to openbox

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok so I was talking to some folks over at the #archlinux channel on freenode last night and they were telling me about how much cleaner openbox's code is compaired to fluxbox...so I decided to give it a try.

I installed it thinking it would only be there for a little bit.. I dont usualy like to much change. Anyways I started it up, its plain just like fluxbox is at default only without a panel...one thing I liked about fluxbox was that panel thingy...I like to have a systray for various things like a little email checker and the sorts. I asked about it on irc to see what they would sugest first one I here is pypanel....I have tested pypanel before but never really had the use for it and i know its a decent panel that is small and useful so I went with that.

a couple quick configs for pypanel...then some quick application settings for openbox...a menu config and some keyboard shortcuts later...I had a perfectly running openbox desktop...and I will tell you what...its pretty good. There are things I miss about fluxbox...but for the most part openbox seems much better, cleaner and faster. So I have decided to stick with it...