mint linux trying out

Thursday, December 06, 2007

so i decided that it was time for me to install a new distro on my laptop i know i know i LOVE gentoo and still do it was just time for a change and with me anything installed on my systems for more then a month is amazing so i decided i would try this out...

ok my comments about this distro so far

easy and quick to install and setup install and setup took down low in the 10 - 20 minute range witch is very low considering im switching from gentoo

ok first login asked me if i wanted to enable root which is something that i missed in ubuntu

after that it told me it couldent connect to any network (i have a broadcom wifi card) and no cable was plugged in...i plugged it in and it went up popped the restricted drivers manager checked the wifi driver and ati worked great

after i rebooted with everything working i clicked on the network config tool told it to automaticly connect to my wifi and bam i was connected

one thing in paticular i like about mint is its update manager...i like it better then some others because it shows a list of updates and it shows wheather or not they can effect the stability of your machine using a big picture like "3" "4" and "5" thats something i liek a lot however i like having the best of the best so i install everything

ok now my real opinion after i just told you that this has lots of neat features and is easy to setup

if this is wear linux is headed as we aproch the future...I HATE IT...this system is a linux version of vista...thats what i get

i understand that this is supposed to be easy and comforting for a long time windows user to move to however this utterly sucks i cannot stress how much linux is not windows and we need to stop making distros that by default look and act identical to it. as soon as i logged into this i missed my gentoo even with all distros of linux i can customize this as i wish but whats the point of even installing this distro....i mean come on this is pointless anyways it has a good update manager woooo yay put the manager and other special software into the ubuntu/debian/and other deb based systems repos so that they can use it and stop there.

i stress this to all the 3 people that read my blog dont freaking use mint linux it is a waist of time if you want a ubuntu based system use ubuntu its the original and at least it doenst by default make itself look like vista and if you want a system that just works use gentoo it is the best

one more thing...this default gui/theme has so much freaking green it makes me want to puke