for today we jump into the vista

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

todays entry is going to be my review of the most recent version of vista

well basicly ive fallen in love more every second i use it...

from what i can see vista makes use of all your resourcs on your computer not just the processor as previous versions have...

ive noteced so far that the graphics and animations run very well on my not so fast pc...this surprised me because i herd of how slow the graphics are supposed to make the os run

my favoret feature so far is definitely the sidebar...customizable+flexible=very good

i love math

but not as much as i love vista it run very well i installed itunes 7 on here and well all i can say is runs much better in vista then it ever did in windows...i have no idea why possible the graphics engine that is in vista but i dont know

but seriously from what i can see it has the possibility to be the best windows os ever....yes even better then WFW 3.11 i know crazy right

check out the screenshot of my desktop so far vista screen


Aaron said...

I hate math