avg anti-spyware

Thursday, January 25, 2007

i was just looking for some new software and i came across this now everybody knows about the power and precision of avg anti-virus....my favoret anti-virus out there by far....

anyways thought i would check this out

first thing youll notice is that this has the same update priority as avg anti-virus has basicly youd better freaking update it as soon as you get it theres normaly something new..

second is the gui...its very pretty and really easy to use

also you can set up profiles if you want to scan 1 thing at 1 time and something else at another this may come in handy...(i dont really care for it since i just go ahead and scan everything at once) so i sugest everybody check it out its like spybot seach and destroy only with a sheild and a schedular. check it out


Aaron said...

Spybot search and destroy is the best thing out there, hands down. I've never really liked avg anti-virus anyway...

hmmgamer55 said...

hey well here we go i never said it was better then spybot but it rivals it because of the update support and the schedualing capibilites

however i did run spybot and it caught quite a few things..

but then i ran avg and it caught quite a bit more

this doesnt really prove that its better then spybot but it could be used as a safeguard for some spyware thats out there