no longer strapped to GUI apps

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So I decided the other day that I wanted to be compleatly free of GUI apps for those of you who dont know (Graphical User Interface, the pictures and stuff you see on your desktop of your computer)

I decided that having all of those graphical apps where a newsance. They are a waist of space and speed. So I am going to post a screenshot with this blog. I still use X (so far) which means I have some kind of window manager. My current window manager (in the screenshot) is Openbox3. But I am looking to possibly switch to a tiling window manager such as awesome or dwm (for those who dont know [mom] the window manager is the software that manages all of the programs you run on your computer I.E. a web browser or something.) So continueing, the 2 windows open are 2 Aterms (which again if you dont know Aterm is a linux termanal emulator that supports transparencys and other neat features) both of them are transparent in my screenshot one is quite a bit bigger then the other.

I only have 1 app open persay...Which is irssi which is an IRC chat client which is connected to 2 servers: freenode and a bitlbee server. using irssi is how i talk to everybody.

bitlbee is a irc to IM gateway it allows me to talk to people threw msn aim yahoo and jabber ussing an irc client. 

anyways the other window I have is a lot smaller and is located on the right side of the screen I use this along with a irssi script called to show all the people in the current irc channel i am in. (i got this because i use bitlbee and wanted to have an easy way to see all my friends on my "buddy list" which is pretty much what that window is

anyways heres the screen