gOS hmm yes or no....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

so yes the gOS live cd has been released....here

yesi tried it of course booted up the live cd and wow runs fantasic for a live cd... gOS is supposed to make it supprisingly easy to use google and other open source apps very easy... being able to use google apps effitantly means good use of a web brower... there is a nice integration between firefox and the desktop...and since it runs on the enlightenment desktop enviornment it looks extreamly pretty and yet runs super fast and uses very little resources...

its based on ubuntu so installing it is a snap maybe 10 minutes max to install i would say then you update it and BAM your good to go i tested it on an nvidia card so i dont know how well it runs on other cards but for me it ran very well with the drivers that come with it... i would call this the walmart distro becuase you can get it at walmart with a nice little machiine as well that it is preinstalled on and yes that is true (read it on digg) haha so yes this post is sucking right now so i think im going to end it

gOS for me == no;
gOS for the average user who brows the web listens to music and wathes vids == yes;