what im running now

Saturday, October 27, 2007

now that its been like months since ive posted what im running on my system now....
well not much has changed in the os/distro that im using still using gentoo linux...becuase well its still the best haha yeah but now i am constantly on irc with irssi as my client i really like it...

irssi is a console based irc client based on ncurses...it runs very very well and makes great use of the console its fast and relaiable plus along with the scripts makes it fantastic

for my desktop enviornment im running fvwm-crystal...i love it because its fast lightwaght but it also provieds an entire desktop environment with an applications menu/launcher a taskbar a system try and a pager....even has built in support for acpi and cpu frequncy monitoring...one of the best things about it is the music player compatiblity it has a bar with a couple buttons wich lets you control various functions of YOUR music player has support for many of them however i use mpd because i like the dameon based idea of it...so yeah thats it for gui im ALWAYS looking for a new and better gui for me so if you know of one dont be shy to tell me

i guess its time to show i screenshot now so yeah