Text based adventure game

Monday, October 29, 2007

ok so for my cs121 (c++) class i have to wright a simple text based adventure game...now

my professor insistes i use his parser (part of the program that reads in a certen verb and returns a value for that verb) however i didnt like that because i couldent mess with it on my own machine... i had to ssh to his machine and also i couldent run it on mine or any windows machine because all he gave us for the parser was just the object file and not the source for the parser...not cool

either way i spent a lot of time today wrighting a parser that will act almost identical to his parser ...scaled down though because there are some features of his that i dont need for my game...

and i did this all so i could let other people like YOU test it laugh at it...its very very simple and itsnt to tough to figure out if your a fan of these types of games but either way its kinda cool...

oh yeah and remember its NOT finished not even remotel close

windows exicutible

HINT HINT...IF YOU GET LOST IN THE GAME THERE MAY BE A STARTING MAP FOR THE GAME IN MY PICTURES SECTION...however it has the OLD room names before i acctualy named the rooms