pidgin first releas WHAT

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

so this is like a 2 day late post but hey im lazy

so basicly the first release of the pidgin instant messanger program is out

this is the the first relase after the name change from gaim to pidgin

pidgin-2.0beta7 is said by the people over there working on it that even though the beta releases of gaim before it were very stable and they acctualy recomend them over the previous stable 1.5.0 release 2.0beta7 is an acctual beta being that it is truly unstable

however i have been using if for a while with my 6 accounts (2 aim, 2 yim, 1 msn, and 1 google talk) and threw everything it seems very stable i havent acctualy found 1 bug in it

next we see that it acctualy looks a wee bit differnt, they changed the icons basicly and now instead of differnt icons for differnt clients they all have the same icon....ok now some of you might think that is odd and stupid and you dont like it but me i acctualy kinda like it....1 because you dont need that extra icon and 2 it saves on ram usage now i know that that isnt a very big about of ram we are talkng maybe what 3k thats nothting but hey its less ram and im all about that

but well this is getting pretty damn long so im ganna wrap it up

in conclusion i think that this release is the best release of the gaim/pidgin instant messanger client yet and i anxiously await for the upcomming stable release predicted for later this week\